Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SLHWSA Celebra 7 años de existencia

La Sociedad de Escritores Latinos e Hispanos de San Antonio celebró el séptimo aniversario de su fundación con una entretenida velada que se llevó a cabo el día de ayer en Barnes and Noble.

Fungiendo como maestro de ceremonias, el Dr. Santiago Daydi-Tolson presentó a aquellos miembros que desearon hacer una reflexión acerca de la influencia que la sociedad ha tenido en sus carreras literarias.

Socios fundadores Ruben Soto y Vince Bosquez se dirigieron al público rememorando la primera reunión de la sociedad siete años atrás y exhortándonos a continuar trabajando para el crecimiento de la misma.

Tras agradecer a Barnes and Noble de San Pedro su infinita hospitalidad, los miembros de la Sociedad escucharon una breve presentación acerca del lector electrónico Nook y la forma en que esta tecnología ha revolucionado la industria literaria.

La velada continuó con animadas conversaciones entre los asistentes quienes disfrutaron de un delicioso pastel tres leches y botanas proporcionadas por la mesa directiva.


Reflecting on why I love the Society of Latino and Hispanic Writers,

I found the group in December 2005. And I say "found", because I had been looking for them since August.

I really didn’t know the group existed but I figured a city like San Antonio should have a writing group in Spanish. I attended First Monday at Gemini Ink and I met a lady, who gave me a name, Nancy de La Cerda, and told me that there was a group that met at Barnes & Noble San Pedro.

I arrived at Barnes & Noble San Pedro on a Thursday night; John Ward was leading the Sun Poets Society Workshop. It was in English. This is six years ago, and back then, I didn’t feel I could write in English. I met Nancy de La Cerda there and she referred me to Barns & Noble De Zavala.

I finally made it to the last meeting of 2005 at Barnes & Noble de Zavala. That day I met Ruben, Rebeca, Martha, Alfredo, Carlos, Santiago, Trinidad Sanchez and Ivan. They welcomed me into the group, and I was really excited. I had found a Hispanic Writers Group!!

The very first time I shared my writing, my ears were burning, my voice was cracking and my hands were sweating. I got several comments, but two of them really made an impression: “Lo tuyo está muy trillado”,and “Sería bueno que te compraras un diccionario.” Not very easy to take! But that was exactly the reason I was looking for a writers group: to share my writing and improve my skills.

The Society of Latino and Hispanic Writers of San Antonio didn’t give up on me, and I didn’t give up on them. I have been a very active member for 5 ½ years and I have grown as a writer because of each one of you. The most important gift the society has given me is the opportunity to network and meet people that are interested in writing, publishing and selling their work. Because of the contacts in the society, I have joined other groups such as Las Mujeres at Our Lady of the Lake, where I gained the confidence to write in English and The Society of Children Writers and Illustrators.

Because of my involvement with the society I have continued writing and have grown to believe in my dream

Thanks to the society, I met Santiago, who published my very first piece Las Babuchas de su Santidad in LabraPalabra, the UTSA Spanish Department virtual magazine. Martha, who has always been very involved with different aspects of the Arts and San Antonio and connected me with Las Comadres, a networking group of Hispanic women.

I also I met people like Vince and Ruben who are always optimistic and encouraging; I enrolled in lists that announce contests, book fairs, writing workshops and tell about writers visiting our town.

Thanks to the society, I met Sarah Cortez, and two of my stories were published in her anthologies, and Becky who encouraged me to submit articles to the magazine where she was editor in chief. These are but incremental steps that have built up my confidence to submit stories to magazines and local papers and although they are not always accepted, when they are, is a big reason to celebrate. I even got paid for one of my stories last year!

I am not about to quit my day job; we need to be realistic. Let’s say that I want to make $40.00 per hour and my royalties are $0.50 cents per book. After doing the math, I would have to sell 80 books/ hour which translates to 640 books per day, 3200 books per week,
12 800 books per month and the staggering amount of 153, 600 books in one year! That is a lot of books!

I will continue supporting the society because my friendship with many of you has grown based on our common interest; I love to exchange ideas, projects and attend critique groups. I can honestly tell you that because of my involvement in this society, I have come to believe that I, too, can be a writer.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7th Anniversary of SLHWSA - Celebration!

Dear Fellow Writers,

We have a good reason to celebrate: The Society of Latino and Hispanic Writers of San Antonio is turning seven years old this July. This is an opportunity to look back and see what the Society has meant to all of us. Thus, to celebrate our Anniversary we would like to invite all of you to attend our next meeting.

Instead of a guest speaker, we want to hear from members who have furthered their writing career because of the Society. This program will be called:


If any of your writings have been published in any media (books, e-books, magazines, blogs, newspapers, etc.) in the last 18 months and you feel such accomplishment was in any way related to your association with the Society of Latino and Hispanic Writers of San Antonio, bring your work to SHOW and TELL us all about it. We can all learn from each other’s experiences! (Note: while we can show each other’s work, we will not be able to sell it that night – it is only for showing)

Following the format of Five Minutes with You, we will take turns at sharing. Please don’t read from your work, tell us about your writing career.

Afterwards we can visit with each other and have some cake!

Don’t miss our 7th Anniversary Celebration!Monday July 11, 2011 – 7:30 p.m.Barnes & Noble – San Pedro Crossings

To save your spot at SHOW AND TELL, please send an e-mail to Dr. Santiago Daydi – Tolson santiago.dayditolson@utsa.edu.

Looking forward to seeing you!

The Society of Latino and Hispanic Writers of San Antonio Board